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Anti-Terrorism Desk

The Anti-Terrorism Desk of the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs was established in the fourth quarter of 2015. Its primary mandate is the implementation of the powers of the Attorney General under the Anti-Terrorism Act, Chap. 12:07. These include obtaining Orders of the High Court declaring individuals and entities as listed entities and freezing their funds, forfeiture of terrorist property and legal action in respect of suspected international terrorists found in Trinidad and Tobago. The Desk also provides policy advice to the Honourable Attorney General and other Government Departments regarding terrorism and related matters, including on the development and revision of laws in this area.

Listed Entities

CV2018-01068, CV2018-01117, CV2018-01118


CV 2016 - 03951.PDF


CV 2016-04001.pdf
 CV 2016- 03961.pdf  CV 2017-00242.pdf
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 CV 2016-03973.pdf  CV2016-03985.pdf
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 CV 2016-03999.pdf Media Release - Shane Crawford
 CV 2016-04000.pdf Public Notice - Shane Crawford

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