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Transforming the Justice System. Building a Stronger Community.

The Ministry of the Attorney General remains committed to the holistic development of Trinidad and Tobago through the promotion of the rule of law at all levels of society. We remain committed to carrying out our responsibilities as contained in the Ministry of the Attorney General's Strategic Plan through the development of a modern legal and regulatory framework and the strengthening of governance and institutional structures in the law and justice sector.

We recognise that the promotion of the rule of law, and the protection of individual freedoms and property rights, can have the greatest effect on national development if institutional linkages are formed and maintained. Our focus at the Ministry has therefore been to endorse the harmonisation of policies and work towards common ideals and performance measures in the law and justice sector at the national, regional and hemispheric level.

At the centre of our service delivery improvements has been our institutional strengthening initiatives that are aimed primarily at understanding and building relationships with our clients and stakeholders, as well as creating public value through maintaining and developing specialist legal services in the areas of law that are of major importance to the State, Ministries and Government Departments.

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