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The Ministry of the Attorney General is the arm of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago responsible for providing legal services to the Government and its various agencies. The Ministry’s obligations are primarily derived from the constitutional directives given to the Attorney General, which are:
  To act as an independent Guardian of the public interest, and to ensure that the rights of all citizens are protected.
  To represent the State in civil proceedings, in the name of the Attorney General.
  To represent the State in criminal proceedings, in the name of the State.

What do we do?

The Ministry of the Attorney General provides the following services:
  Advising Cabinet, Ministries and State agencies on all local and international legal matters
  Representing the State in civil matters
  Arranging for legal officers and Attorneys to prosecute in criminal matters on behalf of the State
  Drafting primary and secondary legislation on behalf of the Government
  Reviewing the laws of Trinidad and Tobago with a view to their systematic development and reform
  Assisting foreign national law and justice authorities in the prosecution of criminals

Who uses our services?

 Key Services Offered Clients
 Legislative drafting services  Parliament, Cabinet, all Ministries
 Criminal prosecution and mutual legal assistance  Ministry of National Security, International Law and Justice Bodies.
 Representing State in civil matters  All Ministries, Statutory bodies and State enterprises
 Law reform  Parliament, Cabinet, all Ministries, Civil Society
 Contract preparation and vetting  All Ministries, Statutory bodies and State enterprises
 Conveyancing  All Ministries, Statutory Boards and State Enterprises
 Letters of Administration and Public Trustee  Citizens

The table above shows the Ministry’s key clients. They include all line Ministries, Statutory Bodies, State Enterprises, citizens, Parliament, the Judiciary, Employees of the Government, as well as International Law and Justice Agencies.

The diagram below illustrates the wider group of stakeholders to which these clients belong. Some of the Ministry’s key stakeholders include the President, Parliament, the Judiciary, Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Human Rights Bodies, the Business Sector, International Law and Justice Institutions, and the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.


Senior Management

The Senior Management of the Ministry report directly to the Attorney General. For the period under review, the Heads of Departments of the Ministry comprised the following individuals listed immediately below.


Senior Management Position

Permanent Secretary
Ms. Carol Hernandez
Solicitor General (Ag.)
Mr. Christophe Grant
Chief State Solicitor
Mr. Roger Gaspard
Director of Public Prosecutions (Ag.)
Mr. Ian Macintyre
Chief Parliamentary Counsel
Mr. Samraj Harripaul
Chairman Law Reform Commission
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